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  1. BB27000 27300

    Qui a la direction de ce projet ? Il m'est possible d'aider sur certains points. J'ai accès à la BB 37000/Alstom Prima EL3U/4.
  2. [SimExpress] BB22200

    Je pense que ca va etre tres gentil!!
  3. TGV Réseau DTG

    Still i hope someone makes/publishes some repaints or sound improvements.
  4. Presentation Digostonx

    You can see some progress of my route on Railsim.de : https://rail-sim.de/forum/index.php/Thread/23720-Strecke-Hengelo-NS-Bad-Bentheim-DB/#post417296 The route is know on hold because of problems with Google Overlay at the concerned area of Bad Bentheim.
  5. Presentation Digostonx

    Hello everyone! I'm Digostonx and i have some years of experience with Train Simulator 20xX. My activities are building routes at this moment. I'm good with scenery. Greetz!