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  1. !!!Attention!!! Following post is featuring fictional reskins/fictional trainsets. If You don’t like any of that please skip this post immediately. I present to You… Intercity APT-D! After cancellation of APT-P project British Rail was looking for new means of testing further the tilting technology. A specially modified set of APT-P was coupled between two HST locomotives fitted with traditional coupling for faster reaction at emergency situations. The train was made out of: 1x Trailer Brake First used as VIP coach 5x Trailer Second Open 1x Buffet coach 2x Trailer First Open Set was undergoing testing on GWML and Southern Mailnine and set a top speed of 134mph for GWML and 125 on SML.
  2. And lastly a brave GTW that doesn't cares about physics of Gotthard pass.
  3. 3DZ/RWA DB ICE 1 on three country corner route from Bregenz to Bludenz.
  4. DB BR 182 with unusual set from Berlin to Leipzig.
  5. Thalys und TGV

    Absolute marvel!
  6. Atlantic Highspeed/JustTrains Ashford-Lille has been canceled.
  7. SBB Re 460 with EC Gottardo on... Gotthardbahn
  8. TGV Réseau DTG

    I’m officially in love especially when those could be controlled by the in-cab knobs.
  9. We need this in upcoming thalys pack!
    Before installing this patch train goes with max speed of 376km/h after this… as fast as possible (I got 600km/h before derailing). This patch is only for Pros.