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  1. SNCF DTG BR648

    I tried to install the 648 completely new, and the Error was now on the original DTG 648 too. No Sound any more. I erased the DTG 648 from my steam now. I can say now: never buy a railvehicle from DTG. There are many constructors who are better. smile. Thank You for your work
  2. SNCF DTG BR648

    I believe that the Main-File of the DTG 648 has an error. When I bought it on steam, I hab do install it 4 times, before it worked. The same I had on the BR 424 from DTG. Thinking about changing to Railtraction.
  3. SNCF DTG BR648

    I installed it now like the 442-Electric before and have now the rolling-sound on the track. But Horn and Diesel are still missing
  4. SNCF DTG BR648

    the next Problem. 648 has no Sound.
  5. SNCF DTG BR648

    It`s the only Repaint for the 648 from DTG. I`m from Germany and Member in Rail-sim.de where you don`t find any Repaints for the DTG 648. That should be changed. You could try it in rail-sim.de, too.
  6. SNCF DTG BR648

    Yes, now the Repaint works. The 648 looks good in Style of the SNCF. Thank You, springer6
  7. SNCF DTG BR648

    wrong Path for Installation. Assets / DTG / 648Pack01 contains only 648Pack01Assets.ap and can`t be opened
  8. Hello Patrick. I`m Olaf from Germany and I have the 232 U1. This Steam-Locomotive is so beautiful, but there is an error with the coupling between the Locomotive and the Tender. My Trainsimulator is DTG 2019, all Couplings is aktivated and the european asset is installed. What can I do to make the Tender and the Locomotive fit together?