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  1. Hi all ! Its been a busy couple of weeks but I've been working very hard on the route to continue its growth . Here I have something new to show off . I've started works on Ashford and I'm pretty far into its development so expect more from this area in weeks to come , I've included some pictures of the scenery and more recent updates below however. The rest of the screenshots are mainly Lille Europe , I feel like I've uploaded too much on Lille Europe in the recent years purely because its a station i want to be perfect so I keep coming back to it and changing it. I've completely re-worked it again although this time , I'm finally happy with the end result. things that have been worked on : - removed nearly all of Photons66 assets - Changed / removed pointless assets to improve framerates - id like to change the platforms to be more life like and I'm currently thinking of a good way to implement the escalator netting/wiring seen at Lille Im going to attempt to upload some videos on my facebook page so please check that out if you want although i cant promise that will work as im new to this gameplay recording feature. Nonetheless an unusually recent update from me but I hope you like it ! Please let me know what you think -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bonjour à tous! Cela a été quelques semaines occupées, mais j’ai travaillé très dur sur la route pour continuer sa croissance. Ici, j’ai quelque chose de nouveau à montrer. J’ai commencé à travailler sur Ashford et je suis assez loin dans son développement, alors attendez-vous à plus de cette région dans les semaines à venir, j’ai inclus quelques photos du paysage et des mises à jour plus récentes ci-dessous. Le reste des captures d’écran sont principalement Lille Europe, j’ai l’impression d’avoir trop téléchargé sur Lille Europe ces dernières années, simplement parce que c’est une station, je veux être parfait, alors je continue d’y revenir et de la changer. Je l’ai complètement retravayé à nouveau bien que cette fois, je suis enfin satisfait du résultat final. les choses qui ont été travaillées : - supprimé presque tous les actifs Photons66 - Modification / suppression des ressources inutiles pour améliorer les fréquences d’images - J’aime changer les plates-formes pour être plus vivant et je pense actuellement à un bon moyen de mettre en œuvre le filet / câblage d’escalator vu à Lille Je vais essayer de télécharger des vidéos sur ma page Facebook, alors s’il vous plaît vérifiez cela si vous voulez, bien que je ne puisse pas promettre que cela fonctionnera comme nouveau dans cette fonctionnalité d’enregistrement de gameplay. Néanmoins une mise à jour inhabituellement récente de ma part mais j’espère que vous l’aimerez ! S’il vous plaît laissez-moi savoir ce que vous pensez Ashford to Brussels project [Train simulator 2021] | Facebook
  2. It is the KHS track yes ( won’t be for much longer as I’m currently re-building the entirety of the channel tunnel ) outside of the tunnel the only other track used is from the Trent valley route . It’s the channel tunnel .. gravel track is not layed in the channel tunnel so it’s something I’ll have to tackle one way or another . I haven’t experienced any issues in the 3 years of attempting this route but if the consequences are that damaging then it will be something I have to change .
  3. Salut Michel ! Merci beaucoup pour les gentils mots ! signifie beaucoup ici
  4. I've just had a read through and I am speechless , thank you Andrea for your contributions and for writing that about the line / even giving it a space on your website , its incredible to me and hugely appreciated
  5. Haha thank you very much Snacc ! As for the gate , I absolutely will add it in along with other special assets that make Brussels midi , Brussels I’ll try to make the gate working in the sense it opens prior to departure / entry but if not , I’ll construct it in an open state so it’s at least there . Again thank you as always for your kind words !
  6. Thank you very much Andrea . hearing this means a lot . Absolutely a route that has come about purely because I've always wanted this route in the simulator and thanks to yours and everyone else's support , its a route I can share for everyone else to enjoy also
  7. Amazing job.

    1. Sim1149


      Thank you very much  ! 

  8. Hello again, sorry for the massive photo dump Very surreal today as I finally provide pictures of the Calais area and I can officially say that in terms of scenery and overhead wiring , Calais is complete ! Meaning you can enjoyably drive from Dollands Moor / Folkestone to Calais . Its crazy to think this is what I wanted to build for train sim in 2017 and to finally get to this stage is unbelievable, i appreciate there may be a few things here that arent rue to real life but I have tried my utter best with what I have and I hope its good enough. A small changelog follows. -updated the whole of Calais Frethun station -Updated the whole Channel tunnel entrance -overhead wires completed , scenery completed ( signals and signs coming soon ) Huge thank you to @andrea71 for contributing greatly and provide assets to really bring this route to life like the Euro Tunnel logo and Calais canopy's. Please leave feedback as it helps me to grow and develop this route and thank you for all of the support shown so far . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Bonjour encore, désolé pour le vidage massif de photos Très surréaliste aujourd’hui car je fournis enfin des photos de la région de Calais et je peux officiellement dire qu’en termes de décors et de câblage aérien, Calais est complet ! Cela signifie que vous pouvez agréablement conduire de Dollands Moor / Folkestone à Calais. C’est fou de penser que c’est ce que je voulais construire pour train sim en 2017 et arriver enfin à ce stade est incroyable, J’apprécie qu’il y ait peut-être quelques choses ici qui ne sont pas à la rue de la vraie vie, mais j’ai fait de mon mieux avec ce que j’ai et j’espère que c’est assez bon. Un petit changelog suit. -mise à jour de l’ensemble de la gare de Calais Frethun -Mise à jour de toute l’entrée du tunnel sous la Manche -fils aériens terminés, décor terminé (signaux et panneaux à venir) Un grand merci à @andrea71 d’avoir grandement contribué et fourni des atouts pour vraiment donner vie à cette route comme le logo Euro Tunnel et la canopée de Calais. S’il vous plaît laissez des commentaires car cela m’aide à grandir et à développer cette route et merci pour tout le soutien montré jusqu’à présent.
  9. Yes exactly .I know you and a handful of people ( maybe more than I realise ) would love to see the channel tunnel come to train sim , me being part of this handful it only seemed right I started this project to bring it into the sim. Im amazed at how much support is being shown to this line currently and it reassures me this line will be just as successful as others even with the tunnel in. The chunnel is a marvellous feat of engineering which I cant wait for people to enjoy in this simulator
  10. Thank you Andrea ! Yes , this has been a thought on my mind for some time as well . I will take this route as far as I possibly can but only knowing that one day I will have to stop because life will get busier and I wouldn't want to leave everyone wondering what happened to my line . When this day comes I will either find a friendly creator willing to continue my line for me or just release it in its unfinished state . Obviously I would like to build Ashford-Brussels my self but at the moment I don't know what the future holds so I cant promise I will finish this line . The other slight issue is that 30 minutes of my line is spent going through a tunnel which understandably not many people will enjoy driving so I will have to pick wisely what stages I release so that everyone can at least enjoy some aspects of my line . But simply put , I absolutely promise you will get this route at some point , it may just be Ashford to Calais to Ashford to Lille but I will make sure i provide something