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  1. Swiss Dream

    I have only just purchased the Albula Line at Easter. I installed your route Zawal, and it is absolutely magnificent, your hard work has paid off superbly well. The route is simple, brilliantly designed, smooth trackwork and reflects Switzerland perfectly, well done and thank you for contributing your freeware routes to the community. Cheerz. ex-railwayman.
  2. Fret US

    @ Zawal Wow, vous travaillez si vite, bravo et merci. C'est magnifique, je me sens humble que vous acceptiez ma suggestion, vous êtes une superstar, merci encore. Salutations d'Angleterre. Cheerz. Steve.
  3. Fret US

    This is brilliant, Zawal, thank you very much. I observed that there is no fuel pump, or, small depot, for our locomotives. Maybe next time you can possibly include these features, your work is wonderful. Greetings from England. Cheerz. Steve.
  4. Reskin Bpmz