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  1. Thanks for the reply. If you extend beyond Lille towards Belgium there are a number of useful assets available I recently downloaded from here the District Sud Ost Belgium which has the old classic route from near Halle, south of Brussels, via Ath to Tournai Your route is looking very interesting Peter
  2. What trains will you run on the lines outside the tunnel? The Eurostar repaint is just the DB 407 which does not have any other signalling apart from German And the TGV/Thalys just has the DTG TVM system Peter
  3. 0Autorail X22000

    Hello, Due to my limited understanding of French I am having difficulties in making the X2200 work The instructions indicate I should push what is the "Home" button on my Qwerty keyboard to unlock the controls but nothing happens Can anyone help please Peter
  4. Ligne plaine et Collines Version 2.1

    Hello, I have only recently found this amazing route which I'm still exploring. I seem to be missing Signals around La Pouchouse when heading from Jaligny to St Martin. TS Tools does not report anything missing Peter
  5. TGV & KVB

    I notice looking thru the files the KVB Horn sound is present in ......\Assets\DTG\TGVReseauPack01\Audio\RailVehicles\Electric\TGV_Duplex\Cab\Sounds\Alarms but for some reason it does not sound
  6. TGV & KVB

    When you run the TGV Duplex or the TGV Reseau on some routes, like Dijon - Vallorbe, and you have a Warning Signal or Speed Restriction the Crocodile causes the HUD Warning to show but these is no sound in the train to remind you to cancel it. The Crocodile on LGV Med are dummy assets and do not react with the traction. Is there a way to Add a sound - like AWS - in the Cab of the TGV? Thanks Peter
  7. DTG TGV Duplex

    Thanks but it does not seem to be any different - maybe worse now You try to apply a small amount of brake and even though the handle is in Hold the BP Pressure continues to drop to 3.5 Bar Peter
  8. DTG TGV Duplex

    Does anyone know of a modification to the DTG TGV Duplex to make the Brake Lever not stay in Apply or Release but spring back to the Hold position when released? I wish to to be a PBL Style brake handle - like on the Class 66 I know how to edit the bin files but I'm unsure on which files to change? Thanks Peter
  9. 1801 SNCB (Reskin vectron RSSLO en type 18 SNCB)

    Hello, I'm trying to make this loco work but I'm having problems I have installed the files and copied the DB_3100_B.GeoPcDx in to the correct folder but it does not appear in the game The Quick Drive does work but the DB-PL Vectron appears instead of the SNCB 1800 Any thoughts please? Thanks Peter
  10. B_HLD6255 Infrabel

    This loco is a good model and fills a gap in the NMBS fleet but the sounds are from the Kuju DB 220 instead of the Kuju Union Pacific F7 The real Belgium Class 62xx class have EMD Engines Peter
    The model is quite good but it sounds like the DB 220 which is wrong. - The locos have EMD engines - The sounds in the Kuju F7 would be better Listen to this at 0.50