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Everything posted by BritishRail60062

  1. A1A A1A 68500

    Salut, Un grand bravo pour cette création. 10/10 .
  2. Here are the first 5 videos from my channel of Train Simulator. Please enjoy :).
  3. Mon/My Train Simulator 2018 Videos

    I think it is the route that could be the problem and I used the 64bit TS2019 because my PC has 32GB ram and my graphics card is at 8GB GTX 970M. Thank you for the feedback and I will be posting another new video soon .
  4. Mon/My Train Simulator 2018 Videos

    Here is my newest video .
  5. Mon/My Train Simulator 2018 Videos

    I will share more videos later. Please enjoy these for now . Merci Beaucoup.
  6. Mon/My Train Simulator 2018 Videos

    Happy New Year everyone!
  7. Mon/My Train Simulator 2018 Videos

    My special Christmas Day Let's Play Video of me driving the TGV Reseau train from Avignon to Marseille on a direct passenger express service . Merry Christmas Everyone!
  8. Mon/My Train Simulator 2018 Videos

    Here are some new videos from me Merry Christmas/Joyeux Noel :).
  9. [SimExpress] BB26000

    Very awesome work there Greetings from Northern Ireland.
  10. Avignon to Marseille (TGV Duplex Carmillon)

    Its possible. But I do not use the quick drive mode .
  11. Version 1.0.0


    A new scenario for the TGV Marseille to Avignon route that is available on Steam. This scenario uses more SNCF trains as AI traffic for better realism. The scenario is medium difficulty as there are more traffic trains in this scenario including a priority express TGV train that will be in front of the player train. Required Items Just Trains https://www.justtrains.net/product/atlantic-high-speed-route-and-tgv-atlantique-train (payware/payant) I have used the TGV Atlantique trains from that add-on as AI TGV Reseau trains as they look similar in design. From Railsim-FR AGC Railcar: BH Reskins (Links are direct to download) TGV Duplex Carmillon - http://www.mediafire.com/file/hwvhr1lb2yyfp91/BHReskins+Carmillon+Duplex.rwp TGV Duplex OUIGO - http://www.mediafire.com/file/i5c24229ln77etb/BHReskins+OUIGO.rwp Railsim ES. Repintado FS_UIC-Z- > Corail Renfe / SNCF http://www.railsim.es/libreriarw/download.php?id=70 AJ Railsim/Pierre Gauriat http://ajrailsim.free.fr/ BB67000 Locomotive diesel de ligne SNCF type BB67400 (I have used both versions) Rames Réversibles Régionales (RRR) Steam European Locomotive and Assets Pack (for the freight wagons) http://store.steampowered.com/app/208300/ Known Issues: There is no errors in this scenario but expect to slow down for the signals as you approach Marseille St Charles station. Enjoy my second new scenario. Video of scenario in action.
  12. New Scenarios Are Coming to Train Simulator 2018.

    Here is a new scenario for the La Bosse V1.0 route. This is a freight scenario and it is a difficult one to play as planning ahead and early braking is required to complete this challenge successfully :). Merci Beaucoup.
  13. Hello everyone. I am new to Railsim FR but I would like to announce that I do intend to make many TGV and SNCF scenarios for Train Simulator 2018. The scenarios I will make will use the Atlantic TGV route from Just Trains and also the TGV Marseille to Avignon route that is on Steam. When I get more experienced with making scenarios for those two routes. I will try some of the other freeware routes that are available here. As my native language is English. The instructions for the scenarios will be in English but if any one wanted to translate my scenarios into French. You are welcome to translate my scenarios into French, please just credit me for my original creative work :). I welcome suggestions for my scenarios as well as positive and constructive feedback on my work. Merci Beaucoup.
  14. Version 1.0.0


    A new scenario for the La Bosse route that is available on here. This scenario uses realistic SNCF trains as AI traffic for better realism. The scenario is very hard because you will be driving a heavy freight train and you will need to plan ahead and use the brakes early to stop at any signals to prevent a collision with another train. AI trains are moderate but I have added them along with some static trains to make this scenario more fun to play. Required Items Spain Trainz Rutas http://www.spaintrainzrutas.com/download/index.php?dlid=998 From Railsim-FR SimExpress (payware/payant) Voitures Corail Lunea Voitures Corail VTU – Grandes Lignes AJ Railsim/Pierre Gauriat http://ajrailsim.free.fr/ Known Issues: There is no known errors in this scenario. Enjoy my new scenario. Video of this scenario coming soon.
  15. cc72051

    Bonjour mon amis. I have made a video of this locomotive with a tutorial of how to move this train for those that cannot speak French or those that use a qwerty keyboard as I do. Merci Beaucoup to the creators and I hope that this locomotive will become available in the future with the "FRET" and the "En Voyage" paints in the future. All the best :).
  16. BB 7200

    Fantastic Locomotive and very fun to drive. Merci Beaucoup.
  17. Mon/My Train Simulator 2018 Videos

    Here is my let's play video of the CC 72000 with an English Tutorial of how to set up the train and use it. It is quite a nice locomotive and very fun to drive in the game :).
  18. Voitures TER et Aqualys

    A very nice add-on. Merci.
  19. Mon/My Train Simulator 2018 Videos

    Here are two more new videos I have for enjoyment . I will be posting a video later of the SNCF CC 72000 in my newest let's play video now that I know how to drive this train :).
  20. Autorail japonais Kiha 31

    Merci Beaucoup .
  21. [SimExpress] BB26000

    I like the progress of how the BB 26000 is coming along. Very impressive work and I will buy this locomotive pack when it completed in the future. Well done.
  22. Mon/My Train Simulator 2018 Videos

    My newest video .
  23. [SimExpress] BB26000

    Salut/Dia Duit Is maith liom an traein seo. An-mhaith. Tres bien .
  24. Mon/My Train Simulator 2018 Videos

    I will post more videos later :).