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  1. mP 3000 Nijmegen - Arnhem V 1.1

    Thank you verry much, nice work merci BR9F
    Hi Gerard, Very nice upgrade, Love the KVB system in France routes. tnx and greatings rob BR9F
  2. TVM300 LGV Rhône-Alpes.GSi

    Hello GerardS, Thank you very much fot this mice work! congrats rob BR9F
    Thanks for this nice scenario, love the KVB system "No problems!" Greetings rob "BR9F"
    Hello! Thank you very much for this GREAT nice work "Beziers Narbonne Port la Nouvelle V2014 (2019) 1.0.0 and the two scenarios. I have also installed the " bb7200-bb15000-20140831-kvb.rwp " file for good working of the KVB. Greatings rob ( BR9F)