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  • 14 mars 2012 Télécharger UKTrainSim Freeware Pack - WCML North Scenario Pack #1 1.1.1

Télécharger UKTrainSim Freeware Pack - WCML North Scenario Pack #1 1.1.3

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UKTrainSim Freeware Pack - WCML North Scenario Pack #1

The UKTrainSim Freeware Project has a dedicated web site containing lots of information and resources. It can be found

What's this all about?

The UKTrainSim Freeware Project is here to make your life easier. By collecting together freeware items and re-skins for RailWorks donated by the community into simple to download and install packs we hope to achieve the following core aims:
  • Free
  • Simple to install
  • Reliable resource for freeware developers
  • Significantly increase the amount of free content available

There are packs of assets, rolling stock, routes and scenarios and each one covers a particular theme. If you want to browse the available packs visitThe Packs web page.

Super Fast Pack Downloads for all UKTrainSim Premium Account Holders

The packs can be downloaded for free but at a reduced speed unless you are a UKTrainSim Premium Account holder. Premium Accounts enjoy superfast unlimited downloads of all of the Freeware Packs and all content in the largest TrainSim file library in the World! Premium membersip costs as little £3 for 1 month of unlimited downloads. 12 months can be had for the bargain price of just £20. For more details on how to become a premium account holder visit premium subscription web page.

What's in This Pack?

The best way to find out what is in this pack is to browse the gallery of each asset it contains.

A teaser video of the pack has also veen created by msdejesus.

Requirements for This Pack

This pack uses a range of DLC and Freeware Packs but the ONLY required item is the WCML North route. To use all the scenarios you will need all the items below but even if you are missing some items there will still be plenty you can play. Each scenario lists the content required in the description to help you choose scenarios you can play.

Required Steam DLC Recommended/Optional Steam DLC
Recommended/Optional UKTS Freeware Packs

It goes without saying that the packs would not exist without the community coming together and supporting it. Many members of the community have offered words of encouragement, support, time, energy and much more.

Throughout the development of the Freeware Pack Project I have made every attempt to record the donations and support people have given. Please take a moment to acknowledge all the people who have helped by visiting the Credits page.

This pack contains donations from:
  • 1S811985
  • 220389
  • 47815
  • 47traveller
  • almark
  • AndyM77
  • bdy26
  • Cowey2511
  • Danny3
  • Darpor
  • DavidHossack
  • firetrap1
  • FoggyMorning
  • Horgy
  • KeithThomson
  • Mervyn61
  • michaeldono
  • NattyDredd
  • RudolfJan
  • Stykx
  • thetrainfan
  • Traveller54
  • USRailFan
  • Image IPB

How can I Get Involved

Full details of what you can do to help with the UKTrainSim Freeware Project are available on the Get Involved web page.

Licensing Conditions for Hosting Pack Downloads

The following conditions apply to anyone wishing to host the packs on an a site other than UKTrainSim:
  • Permission must be granted by UKTS before packs may be hosted on alternative sites
  • The download must be available for free
  • No profit may be made by offering the download
  • A link to the original UKTS download must be provided on the download page
  • The date and version number of the pack must be clearly given on the download page
  • You must email supplying a valid email address and link to the download - This ensures we can contact you (the host) when a new version is released making it easy for you to update your download
  • You must remove the download at the request of a UKTS Freeware Pack administrators
  • Hosting on alternative sites is at the discretion of UKTS Freeware Pack administrators

These conditions allow us to ensure users can obtain the pack freely and consistently. For the latest conditions visit

Merci Julien pour ce pack. On est obligé de passer par un exe pour installer ? j'aurais préféré une version installable sous Railworks.
Merci beaucoup Julien
Bonjour à tous.

Une nouvelle version est disponible sur UKTS et probablement bientôt sur RailSim.

Cette version vous permettra de jouer les scénarios en français. Un grand merci à T163R pour sa participation à la traduction.

Et également un grand merci à Jim Nobkins qui a bien voulu inclure la traduction directement dans le pack pour la communauté française.

A bientôt. :)
Bonjour à tous
La dernière (Version: 1.1.4 Released: Sun 23 December 2012) est là

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