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  1. Le POC-TC

    Very nice route. Thanks alot.
  2. Introduction

    Hello everyone, my name is Stefan, I am 57 years old and come from Germany. I am a train driver myself and I like to play train simulator. I noticed that even some professional manufacturers still have too many errors in their products (locomotives, wagons) and I looked at where the errors are. That's why I compared working and non-functioning and thus some errors can be eliminated. From repaints and track construction I have unfortunately no idea, because my free time is very limited. But there are, thank God, people like for example Bernard or PierreG and others who do great work. Thank you very much, you are great! Sorry for my bad english
  3. Réseau Breton

    Great work Bernard, thank you very much. I have taken a look at the vehicles. For all your railcars, I have adjusted the sound and the physics. I used the sound of Class37 and Class47 for this. The other unfortunately I do not like. The performance and the braking behavior also not. Now it fits. Also I have made the exhaust plume variable. The V60 from PierreG also. New sound and physics. If you want to use this, you have to delete the "Sample_EngineScript.out" for all V60 locos, because I replaced it with a lua. Please delete the cache so that nothing goes wrong. I hope that I have not forgotten any file. Also my full respect to PierreG for the great vehicles. Thanks to you! Edit: It may not have been good to upload only the changed files. Here again, I hope it works better. I do not know what you have already installed everything, so again. Replace the files in the folder "BernardDeschamp" and "PierreG" completely ( Please delete and replace only the subfolders where the files are located!). And for the folder "Kuju" it is enough to copy it in and let it replace. The reason why the subfolders with the files have to be deleted is because there are too many errors in them and the xml files would interfere with everything in the changed .bin files. RailWorks.7z
  4. QD Steam on the Sierra

    Thank you very much
  5. O Toulouse by Richard GARCIA

    Hello, everyone. I once revised the tram 14. Adjusted performance and sound. added light. You can test it. Should work for you too. Edit: Hi folks, I was not aware that the Steam on the Sierra route involves driving over hills. That's why I adjusted the power and brakes again according to my possibilities. Tram14.7z

    Thank you very much!

    Thank you very much!
  8. Quick_Drive_Durango-Silverton

    Thank you very much!