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  1. hello

    Hi, I have keen interest in playing simulator so I decided to model a locomotive. After three years of hardship I managed to make a decent looking ALCO WDM 2A for myself. a. A high poly version. WDM 2A long hood render – WDM 2A short hood render – Photographic reference – It is a diesel–electric locomotive that was developed in 1962 by American Locomotive Company (ALCO) for Indian Railways. The model name stands for Broad Gauge (W), Diesel (D), Mixed Traffic (M) Locomotive of second generation. b. A low poly optimized version. WDM 2A short hood render – WDM 2A long hood render – c. WDM2A with textures. WDM 2A long hood render – WDM 2A short hood render – d. WDM 2A in unreal engine 5.1. e. Real time screenshot from marmoset toolbag 4.