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  1. Some my shots of Railworks

    Here, other shots from TS 2015.
  2. My prsentation

    Thanks to all for your Welcome
  3. Hello to all. This is my first time I write on this forum and I wish here post some my shots from TS 2015. By.
  4. My prsentation

    Hello to all of you. First, excuse me for writing in English language but I'm no able to write in your language. I can only read it. I'm Giuliano from Italy. I'm 49 and I'm a railfan since I was a little child. My love for railways and trains has always been direct to technical subjet of traction in particular, besides matter about passenger trains compositions. I love very much the traction subject and that has addressed my attenction to diesel and electric locos no only of Italy but from other states as well. I cannot deny I like very much French rail traction, as SNCF CC 72000 and CC 6500 in particular. Several magazines and some books dedicated at SNCF locos are presente in my library, the my preferred among these being a French book dedicated to CC 72000 ( I feel it the more beautiful diesel loco ). I follow Railworks ( now TS 2015 ) and I got a very big collection of routes and vehicles, from third parts as well. Before Railworks i've followed MSTS and in particular my interest was always direct to French and Italy items. Effort by some of you about making of locos and other rail vehicles is really remarkable, I feel it very appreciable. Really beautiful the BB 7200 and BB 15000 so as others too. What I'm not understanding is the reasons for wich the "Official Producer" don't address interest to French routes and vehicles. In any case, my sincere congratulation for the beautiful French models sevwral of you has made and is making. I sincerely hope we could have the possibilty to "drive" CC 72000, BB 67400, and several others on Railworks. Excuse me again for my no perfect English and in particular for not writing in French. By to all. Sincerely Giuliano