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Found 1 result

  1. good morning everyone and thank you for creating and keeping this wonderful forum alive. I'm writing to you because after seeing a video on YouTube that portrayed the sinkanse, I came to the forum to download it and with it the line Tokaido ligne v3 1.0.0, at this link : https://www.railsim-fr.com/forum/index.php?/files/file/2072-tokaido-ligne-v3/ ; but now the problem arises of understanding the correct order of the material to be installed,and first of all clarifying whether everything that needs to be installed is compatible with Trainsimulator classic. what I have understood so far is that I would need to have is: 1)[DLC] Hidaka: Tomakomai - Hidaka-Mombetsu; 2)[DLC] Wakayama & Sakurai Lines; 3)[DLC] Shanghai Maglev Route; 4)[DLC] Tadami Line: Aizu-Wakamatsu - Tadami; 5)[DLC]Guiguang High Speed Railway: Guilin - Hezhou; 6)[DLC]Longhai Railway: Lingbao - Mianchi ; 7)[DLC]Chengkun Railway: Hanyuan – Puxiong; 8)South West China High Speed Route Add-On ; 9)[DLC] Western Sichuan Pass: Dujiangyan - Maoxian & Mashancun 10)[DLC] Hamburg - Hanover; 11)[DLC Pack] Frankfurt High Speed: Frankfurt - Karlsruhe Route Extension; I already downloaded sanyo sinkanse line 300 JR four files from rail-sim.de and the Hitoyoshi 2.1.rar , and the last but no the least Tokaido_ligne.rar for Tokaido ligne v3 1.0.0. now looking inside the Tokaido_ligne.rar I realize that it already contains all the material downloaded from rail-sim.de about sanyo sinkanse line 300 JR, and for not knowing how to read or write about Trainsimulator, in the meantime I also found the CN_1.4 mentioned in the text Sanyo Shinkansen TS2021 Compatibility Patch.rar and confusion rages, because now the routes are increasing, in fact according to the text ,there must also be the Hagen Siegen (Ruhr-Sieg). to make a long story short, I understood that all or almost all the material is in the Tokaido_ligne.rar for Tokaido ligne v3 1.0.0. ; I don't understand what Hitoyoshi 2.1.rar is for ; I don't understand Chinese patches which I assume are installed in sequence, first 1.3 then 1.4; not to mention the other files enclosed by the Tokaido_ligne.rar for Tokaido ligne v3 1.0.0. obviously I have a huge need of help from you, because even quoting that joker de Gournay with his "laissez faire, laissez passer " ...ma compréhension n'augmentera pas. merci à tous et désolé pour le devis bon marché