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  1. Lille-Europe looks marvelous!! Keep up the good work! ~snacc
  2. It looks absolutely beautiful, Picasso would've been proud of you. Now coming to the Brussels part, are you also going to add that electric gate that open/close when a Eurostar comes/departs? ~snacc
  3. Just take your time, especially with the virus outbreak nowadays... If there's anything I can do for you, let me know hehe ~snacc
  4. CD RailJet on her way to Rannstadt Hbf. And I do not speak French, sorry. ~snacc
  5. Even if it takes 500 years, I'll/we wait 500 years. ~snacc
  6. Nysio, you will enjoy Sim1149's version aswell, don't worry. ~snacc
  7. Hello all [ENG]

    Welcome! Cannot wait to see your creations. ~snacc