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  1. Wow, Lille-Europe looks seriously good. Keep up the perfect work! ~snacc
  2. My ideas (no idea if it would work though): V0.1: Ashford - Lille - Brussels-Midi V1.1: Ashford - Lille - Paris Nord V1.2: London St. Pancras - Brussels (via Ashford ofcourse) I do know the Eurostar services very well, cause I'm a frequent traveller with them. ~snacc
  3. You should continue to build in small sections, just like you've done it with Folkestone. Maybe a later version to London St. Pancras? ~snacc.
  4. It's seriously amazing how fast you are working! You have our full support!! ~snacc
  5. Folkestone looks very good! I'm hypeddddddddddddddddddddd! ~snacc
    Thank you <'3 ~snacc
  6. Looks very good indeed. You are going fast. ~snacc
  7. By the way, if you want to need details and information for your route, buy this dvd, filmed from an TGV TMST: https://www.video125.com/products/eurostar-brussels-to-london-st-pancras It's full of useable information! ~snacc
  8. How do you do this so fast lol, I've never seen someone do this so fast in my entire life haha, good luck my friend! ~snacc
  9. Have you found the gantries you needed? ~snacc