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  1. ça a l'air incroyable andrea merci beaucoup, je comprends parfaitement les temps occupés / autres pièces qui gênent s'il vous plaît ne vous inquiétez pas et concentrez-vous sur les choses qui comptent cela fonctionne est incroyable merci ! -sim
  2. Thank you snacc ! Means a lot ,I think we can all agree back to normalish life for all content creators / simmers has put a lot of spanners in the work because it’s a struggle to find time but as we speak I’m working on Calais + dollands moor on my old laptop until I work out how much train sim will affect usage on my pc .... incredibly slow and jittery but the enjoyment of creativity is still there and that’s what matters , all the best -sim
  3. Indeed ! Being a regular Eurostar traveler I really wanted this route to come to train sim ( like you I’ve tried previously .... 4 times ) each time has failed but equally I’ve come back a better route builder and finally believe this version of the line is worthy of public access ! , i would love to include Paris and ebbsfleet that’s the dream anyway butttt I might need another route builder to help me towards that dream as building the full hour to Paris from Lille plus what I’m doing now .... scary stuff haha I’m very great-full for this and everyones support like I’ll always say it means a lot thank you -sim
  4. Thank you nico ! , it’s exactly what I was thinking too ! , whilst not everyones cup of tea is 30 mins in a tunnel , I think it’s somewhat cool knowing you are entering a completely different country anyway , as mentioned above the route will 100% come to train sim in some way or another and Paris - Brussels definitely isn’t out of the realms of possibilities , thank you for the support it’s what keeps the line running -sim
  5. Thank you so much Tobias ! , means a lot to me , and the progress is slowly picking up speed again ... this goes as a public announcement to which some will already know , I’ve acquired a new setup and I just need to download steam and get back into everything , that + school and other hobby’s at the moment mean the route progress has declined slightly , I’m not stopping in any way and this route will be completed even if that means I pass it onto another fellow route builder to finish it up , I’m always active here and the kind comments are my main motivation whilst there’s still lots left to do , I’m actually quite close to surpassing the point I was at which I deleted the route previously Thank you again - sim
  6. some pics on the Dollands moor progression , feeling very good about this section of the line and like it a lot , in the following weeks it should be completed , i've tried to focus on cab views and attention to detail in scenery around the area - still lots more to do but enjoying this project please leave any feedback and I hope you like it have a good week all * the overhead arms will be changed these were only temporarily placed to get an idea of where the gantrys go : ) * quelques photos sur la progression de la lande de Dollands, me sentant très bien dans cette section de la ligne et l'appréciant beaucoup, dans les semaines suivantes, elle devrait être terminée, j'ai essayé de me concentrer sur les vues en taxi et l'attention aux détails dans les paysages de la région - encore beaucoup à faire mais profiter de ce projet s'il vous plaît laissez vos commentaires et j'espère que vous aimez passer une bonne semaine à tous
  7. Thank you .. indeed ! , very happy to have it back underway
  8. hello all , long time no post on here i would usually only post pictures of a completed area or a completed section but its been such time ive decide to just show off the latest works done and get back into the swing of things ! Dollands moor is well underway and the pictures below show my work from last couple of days ( football and rugby pitches added , highspeed lines to the left and right ( fly over) , the exit towards asjford and the exit towards the tunnel ) have a good weekend ! Dollands moor est bien en cours et les photos ci-dessous montrent mon travail des derniers jours (ajouts de terrains de football et de rugby, lignes à grande vitesse à gauche et à droite (survol), sortie vers asjford et sortie vers le tunnel) bon week-end !
  9. Hahaha , that’s how I felt with the just trains version , definitely , I’m planning to start things going in a couple weeks again, I love this community and love building the line so it’s always in my mind , if i ever felt like I’d have to hand the line over so someone else could continue work on it and then return it to me later I would etc etc
  10. No worries teneau, thank you very much ! , like you say there are difficulties and I’m not going to be able to make every asset for every station but I’m very greatfull for what I have and who’s helping me so this project is in very good hands for the future and it will one day be complete your support means a lot and helps a lot towards the project and motivation ! -sim
  11. merci beaucoup jael, je suis vraiment content que vous aimiez le projet et que vous soyez maintenant un adepte de tout cela, je (cela vaut pour tous ceux qui peuvent regarder ce fil) en train de faire une pause mais pas pour longtemps ou ce n'est certainement pas la fin et malade abandonner, simplement, il sera à toute vapeur et je continuerai jusqu'à ce que ce soit un produit fini im ( this goes for everyone that may look at this thread) currently taking a break but not for long or its certainly not 'the end and ill give up' , simply put , im working on the line in smaller hours right now but when im back to steady pace it will be full steam ahead and ill keep going until its a finished product