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  1. The last year I hope this reaches you well. It's about time I gave some light as to what has happened to the Ashford-Lille-Brussels project and where I am personally. First of all I apologise for neglecting this page for as long as I have, It is still my goal to give those of you who have continuously supported me and this project, something to enjoy. I started this project prior to 2019 when I had all the time in the world - enhanced when Covid struck until 2022. Since then, reality has taken over, I am increasingly more busy with exterior priorities that need addressing, therefore I have not had either the time or motivation, that I once used to have, to sit down after a long day and start work on this colossal project and so it has laid dormant in my inventory for sometime. I tried for a while to pick up that motivation but I found myself becoming increasingly tired with the project, leading to poor/rushed results. Not something I want for this project as judged by my shard screenshots, I hold myself to very high standards. However, I do find myself feeling positive about the future of the project. I wont promise you as a community anything as I dont want to under-deliver but one thing for sure, I never forgot about this community and I certainly didn't forget about this project. So, with that I apologise once more, if anybody experienced in route developing is perhaps interested in offering a helping hand with the project, drop me an inbox message and we can discuss ways of getting this project back on 'track'. But for now I thank you for your patience. It's definitely not the end. Kind regards, Sim
  2. Hi everyone, small update. Progress has been slow so I haven't got much to offer. However, I've got less than a month left of hard personal work to get on with and after that I can get back to giving this project my full attention day in day out. I know you all understand and I'm grateful for this community. stay safe
  3. Thank you Tobias means a lot to hear that, thank you !
  4. Back again ! This year should hopefully be better. 2022 was tough but I expected I wouldn't have much time that year, I'm towards the end of my studies and I've already been able to work on the project a fair bit compared to this time last year so it's looking bright progress has been slow but its progress... Lille has advanced the most, I've worked hard to get it into the latter stages of development and I'd say its just over half way completed. The other area that has seen the most work is Folkestone. It was brought to my attention that this area needed serious improving. Frames were awful and I had used old Kuju assets for the most part. Therefore I am re-visiting the entirety of Folkestone. The attached images are very general, there's of course Lille and some of the upgrades done to Folkestone and Dollands Moor but take it from me the area is being heavily revised. That' the update for now. Who knows when I will return !! It wont be long though. stay safe ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ De retour ! J'espère que cette année devrait être meilleure. 2022 a été difficile mais je m'attendais à ne pas avoir beaucoup de temps cette année-là, je suis vers la fin de mes études et j'ai déjà pu travailler pas mal sur le projet par rapport à cette période l'année dernière donc ça a l'air brillant les progrès ont été lents mais ses progrès... Lille a le plus progressé, j'ai travaillé dur pour le faire entrer dans les dernières étapes de développement et je dirais qu'il est à peu près à mi-chemin. L'autre région qui a vu le plus de travail est Folkestone. Il a été porté à mon attention que ce domaine nécessitait de sérieuses améliorations. Les cadres étaient affreux et j'avais utilisé d'anciens actifs Kuju pour la plupart. Par conséquent, je revisite l'intégralité de Folkestone. Les images jointes sont très générales, il y a bien sûr Lille et certaines des améliorations apportées à Folkestone et Dollands Moor, mais croyez-moi, la région est en train d'être fortement révisée. C'est la mise à jour pour l'instant. Qui sait quand je reviendrai !! Ce ne sera pas long cependant. restez en sécurité
  5. Hi everyone. I must apologise first and foremostly for the length of time I have left you all without any updates, you're all great people and I know you will tell me to focus on what's most important, but I never intended on being away for so long and I hate to think that anyone for one moment thought of this project as 'dead'. My reason for being away so long... life! Truthfully, this project really gained traction throughout the Covid pandemic when we had all the time in the world! and it has since flourished into something so much bigger than I had ever imagined and I'm proud, just as I hope you all are proud too because you have al helped. This year has been one of the hardest in terms of workload and other things going on in my personal life and sadly as a result I've had practically no time or motivation the entire year. But the project is alive and well and I have managed to get things done from time to time since I have been gone, it's just not been worthy of a post. However, the past couple of weeks I've had more time to play with and work has progressed quite nicely Brussels, Lille and Ashford have seen the most progress this year. I'm still aiming to have Ashford to Calais done quite soon with Lille and Brussels following in time to come. For now, here are photos of Lille and trackwork at Brussels. Edit: I apologise that Lille might look a little bit strange/off. I unfortunately don't have the right assets so I'm having to use the DTG Mediterranee assets I really don't want to give anyone false hope so that's probably all from me for now. But with that being said, it is near Christmas, and I should have a lot more time to play with soon and those that have followed this route the past 2-3 years will know that I love a Christmas themed update, so I look forward to providing more soon. All the best, thank you ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Salut à tous. Je dois d'abord et avant tout m'excuser pour le temps que je vous ai tous laissés sans aucune mise à jour, vous êtes tous des gens formidables et je sais que vous me direz de me concentrer sur ce qui est le plus important, mais je n'ai jamais eu l'intention de m'absenter aussi longtemps et je déteste penser que quiconque a un instant pensé à ce projet comme "mort". Ma raison d'être absent si longtemps... la vie! Honnêtement, ce projet a vraiment gagné du terrain tout au long de la pandémie de Covid alors que nous avions tout le temps du monde! et depuis, cela s'est transformé en quelque chose de beaucoup plus grand que je ne l'avais jamais imaginé et je suis fier, tout comme j'espère que vous êtes tous fiers aussi parce que vous avez toujours aidé. Cette année a été l'une des plus difficiles en termes de charge de travail et d'autres choses dans ma vie personnelle et, malheureusement, je n'ai eu pratiquement ni temps ni motivation toute l'année. Mais le projet est bien vivant et j'ai réussi à faire avancer les choses de temps en temps depuis que je suis parti, ce n'est tout simplement pas digne d'un poste. Cependant, au cours des deux dernières semaines, j'ai eu plus de temps pour jouer et le travail a assez bien progressé Bruxelles, Lille et Ashford ont connu le plus de progrès cette année. Je vise toujours à ce qu'Ashford à Calais se fasse assez rapidement avec Lille et Bruxelles qui suivront dans le temps à venir. Pour l'instant, voici des photos de Lille et des travaux de piste à Bruxelles. Je ne veux vraiment pas donner de faux espoirs à qui que ce soit, donc c'est probablement tout de moi pour l'instant. Mais cela étant dit, c'est bientôt Noël, et je devrais avoir beaucoup plus de temps pour jouer avec bientôt et ceux qui ont suivi cette voie au cours des 2-3 dernières années sauront que j'adore une mise à jour sur le thème de Noël, donc j'ai hâte d'en fournir plus bientôt. Tout le meilleur, merci
  6. Thank you Tobias for the kind words. It always means a lot !
  7. Thank you Elena ! It's certainly becoming something
  8. Hello Back again. I have some time on my hands now (until October at least) and for the last couple of days work on the project has continued. I'm working hard to upgrade the overhead wiring and catenary across the route so that it is more realistic/as true to life as possible. On top of this I am currently working on finishing the scenery between Ashford and Folkestone, with the aim being that Ashford to Calais will be completely finished by the end of the year. A huge milestone I would love to reach but time will tell I cant thank you all enough for your support and patience, it makes it easy for me to work positively on the project and provide you all with honest and high quality work. There's not much to showcase yet so instead I've attached a couple of photos just to keep you on your toes All the best ! Thank you Andrea and AHS for some of the assets seen within these posts ! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Bonjour Retour en arrière. J’ai un peu de temps devant moi maintenant (jusqu’en octobre au moins) et depuis quelques jours, le travail sur le projet s’est poursuivi. Je travaille dur pour améliorer le câblage aérien et la caténaire sur la route afin qu’il soit plus réaliste / aussi fidèle à la vie que possible. En plus de cela, je travaille actuellement sur la finition du paysage entre Ashford et Folkestone, dans le but qu’Ashford et Calais soient complètement terminés d’ici la fin de l’année. Une étape importante que j’aimerais atteindre, mais le temps nous le dira. Je ne peux pas vous remercier assez pour votre soutien et votre patience, cela me permet de travailler facilement positivement sur le projet et de vous fournir à tous un travail honnête et de haute qualité. Il n’y a pas encore grand-chose à présenter, alors j’ai joint quelques photos juste pour vous garder sur vos gardes. Tous les meilleurs ! Merci Andrea et AHS !
  9. Exactly. My promise is that this route will be released for public use one day Happy to be able to keep you all up to date with what's currently going on and I'm glad you like the pictures Thank you Caffeine.
  10. I am glad that you still give love and attention to the project.Hope you can get through the hard work ;);)

    p.s have you got a discord for the Ashford-Lille-Brussels line?

    1. Sim1149


      Hello Garhead ! Yes thank you very much, I believe anything is possible with perseverance and I will manage to get through it :) 

      I don't have a discord no , although i do have a Facebook page dedicated to the lines progress.

      All the best.


  11. Thank you Tobias. Your supportive words never lose value and Im always incredibly grateful. Thank you
  12. Thank you for the unconditional support as always Elena ! Really means a lot