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  1. La présentation

    Hello to all train lovers. My name is Aleksandar. This is the shortest presentation, but I'm really bad at long conversations. I hope that it's not big problem for you.
  2. Here you can find more about that: https://steamcommunity.com/app/24010/discussions/7/364042703863533971/?ctp=1
  3. If I'm not wrong, this track is from London - Faversham route (track rule Kent High Speed) and outside of the tunnel you have track with different track rule, and golden rule in route building is that always use one track rule per route. You can, however, use different track rules only if that tracks do not touch each other (do not converge).
  4. Rail gradients in France

    I'd love to ask french route builders where they obtain data about rail gradients? Is there any site with that data like there is in UK?
  5. Rail gradients in France

    Many thanks to both of you.
  6. And if I may ask, where do you obtain data about track gradients on this route?
  7. Amazing job.

    1. Sim1149


      Thank you very much  !