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  1. Objects Gert Meering

    Maybe ...i have to build the most of the objects again .
  2. Objects Gert Meering

    Already did , a new Hard disk ....but the most of my 3d work for TS is gone... And that is what im not happy about.
  3. Objects Gert Meering

    Not at the moment .. i had a Hard drive crash so .. some of the objects are lost.
  4. Bonjour ! That is looking great SKLouis .. keep up the good work !
  5. Objects Gert Meering

    Gare de Wetteren et Gare du Eeklo
  6. [SimExpress] BB26000

    Very nice ... this is great stuff
  7. MASTER , just waiting for a great NMBS Train ... great job.
  8. The Route is still in Work in progress , still have to make alot f objects . It is fictieve indeed , but i want to use objects that's in real life too.
  9. Merci à tous pour les commentaires sympathiques