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  1. BR442 Seehas

    Bonjour, Si vous voulez utiliser le reskin, il y a maintenant un scénario sur Steam Workshop "19:48 Seehas - Engen to Konstanz".
  2. BR442 Seehas

    Version 1.0.0


    Une "reskin" fictive du DTG BR442 pour représenter l’EMU Seehas des SBB. Il peut donc être utilisé dans les scénarios d’ateliers Steam (où le contenu Steam doit être utilisé). Par exemple sur la route Konstanz-Villegen
  3. SNCF DTG BR648

    Olaf , If you have erased the DTG 648 completely, why not try uninstalling it then re-installing it via Steam. If the Default loco then works oK, you can then unpack the .ap file fully again and then install the SNCF variant following my instructions. If the SNCF still causes problems delete all again and just re-install the default. Thinking about you problem. Sometimes TS20XX can be very persistent in following previously set paths. That is why people are advised to always delete the blueprints .pak and Clear the game cache after installing anything. If you go for a complete re-install one step at a time ( Default first and test then SNCF after fully unpacking the .ap, the delete blueprints and clear cache each time ), you will probably find that everything works. It would be a shame not to use the default loco since you have bought it. It is not that bad, although it is not as good as the Railtraction version. springer
  4. SNCF DTG BR648

    Olaf, Did you fully extract all the contents of your .ap file ? In Assets\DTG\BR648Pack01 you should have a "Audio", "InputMappers","Lights", "Particles","PreLoad",RailVehicles",,"Weather" folders as well as the .ap file. In the RailVehicles folder there is a "Diesel" folder. In that you should have "BR648" and "SNCF". In the SNCF\Engine you should have copied in the 2 .GEOPCDX files. If you have all that, then make sure you have deleted the blueprints.pak file from the main folder and then cleared the game's cache after you have finished all the above installation changes. If after checking and doing all that, you still do not have any horn or diesel engine sounds, I do not know what to suggest ?? I have just re-installed my reskin again as per above and I have all the sounds as they should be. Good luck springer
  5. SNCF DTG BR648

    Olaf , If you have no sound, did you extract all the "BR648Pack01Assets" .ap file or just drag the RailVehicles bit out of the archive? If it was the latter, try completely unpacking the .ap file by using the "Extract Here" method I described. The reskin's .bin file calls for the audio ( and other items) from the main "BR648Pack01" folder. Sometimes a .bin file will not look inside the .ap file, so you may have to extract everything in the .ap to get all the features to work. The sounds are fine for me (when all was extracted) and of 150 downloads , no one else has complained of no audio. Let me know if you solve it. Be aware also that the DTG BR648 has an unusual start up procedure. You have to operate the engine start lever and then release it for a few seconds before it starts. Also the handbrake is on by default ! No mention of this in the manual ! I posted on Railsim-fr rather than Railsim-de as it is of course for use on French routes and primarily on Steam Workshop scenarios where DTG published content has to be used. Nevertheless , until we have something better, I use it as an X73500/X73900 substitute. The single unit Railtraction BR640 would have been a better choice, but that cannot be used in the Steam Workshop. springer
  6. SNCF DTG BR648

    No problem Olaf. Glad you sorted it !
  7. SNCF DTG BR648

    Olaf , When you go into Assets\DTG\BR648Pack01 you will find "BR648Pack01Assets" Type =AP File. You need to unpack this .ap file, as you do with all DTG and most other downloads, before you can install any add-ons or reskins. To unpack an .ap file, first make sure you have a suitable program installed. "7-zip " is a good one and it is free. When you have 7-zip, right click on the .ap file , hover on 7-zip and then left click on "Extract Here". All the contents of the .ap file will then appear in your BR648Pack01 folder and you can follow my installation instructions. Apologies for not mentioning .ap files. I wrongly assumed that most people knew you had to unpack them before making any changes or add-ons. Note : If you don't want to unpack the whole .ap file, you can also select "Open Archive" rather than "Extract Here". You will then be able to just drag just the "RailVehicles" folder from the displayed archive into your BR648Pack01 folder. I hope this helps ? Best wishes springer6
  8. R 4613 St. Moritz - Tirano

    Le meilleur scénario à ce jour pour cette loco, merci
  9. Baba Selecta,

    Voir la version 1.1.
    Vous devez utiliser le fichier .geopcdx à partir de la loco "Silver" et non le fichier par défaut.



    1. Baba Selecta

      Baba Selecta

      ah ok merci :D

    2. springer6


      Aucun problème !
  10. SNCF TER Kuju Avmz

    Version 1.0.0


    Il s'agit d'une peinture fictive des voitures Default Kuju Avmz, représentant des voitures typiques de la SNCF TER. Ils sont principalement destinés à être utilisés dans les scénarios d’ateliers Steam pour les lignes DTG Françaises, où le contenu Steam doit être utilisé.
  11. SNCF Kuju Avmz

    Version 1.0.0


    Il s'agit d'une peinture fictive des voitures Default Kuju Avmz, représentant des voitures typiques de la SNCF. Ils sont principalement destinés à être utilisés dans les scénarios d’ateliers Steam pour les lignes DTG Françaises, où le contenu Steam doit être utilisé.
  12. Hallo Springer6 thank you for having found the problem. Now all is well



    Screenshot_Piacenza-Bologna _44.53587-11.23951_19-01-56.jpg

  13. Version 1.0.0


    Une "reskin fictif" de la DTG/RSC MRCE ER20 Eurorunner qui représente une locomotive diesel moderne, typique de la SNCF FRET. Il est principalement destiné à être utilisé en tant que locomotive dans les "Steam Workshop" scenarios des routes Françaises de DTG.Où le contenu de "Steam" doit être utilisé.
  14. The files in question are ok and the default and silver br 101 see them right



    Screenshot_Piacenza-Bologna _44.53471-11.25355_19-00-25.jpg

    1. springer6


      Marmic ,


      Yes I see that the Default and Silver are ok and the two reskins I posted are not ! I am not sure what is causing this !


      There have been 51 downloads of the "FRET" and 107 of the "SNCF". So far, only you have reported a problem, but I can see that it is a real problem. I will have another look at it . Meanwhile, if you copy the missing textures into your reskin's Engine folders and then edit your .GEoPCDX file ( use RwTools) in those reskin folders to point those textures away from the "Default " but onto your reskin, that could solve the issue.

      Really sorry about the problem. Both repaints work perfectly on my installation, but I don't know yet why you have a problem.



    2. springer6



      I have found the problem ! It is entirely my fault ! I issued the WRONG instruction in the READ ME.

      For the two BR101 reskins to display glass and bogies, they have to use the the br101.GEOPCDX file from the "Silver" Kuju loco. Not the "Default" loco. So just delete the .Geopcdx file from both your skins and copy and past the one from the "Silver" locomotive.

      The br101.Geopcdx files appear to be identical, but the crucial difference is that the Default one calls for all the textures from it's own folder. The "Silver" .Geopcdx calls for some of the textures from the Default folder. Therefore using the default .geopcdx in the SNCF repaints means that the .geopcdx cannot find the missing textures in it's own folder.

      Sincere apologies. I will be issuing a version 1.1 with a correct "ReadMe" and possibly a patch. You can of course correct it now yourself by changing the .geopcdx files.






  15. Hello, I downloaded and installed SNCF br 101 following the reedme file.
     I do not see the textures of the glasses and the carts. What am I missing?



    Screenshot_Piacenza-Bologna _44.53471-11.25377_19-00-19.jpg

    1. springer6


      Hello Marmic,

      The textures that you are missing seem to be "Br101_glass_nm", Br_101glass_nmc", "br101_02", "br101_03" and "br101_04" and possibly "br101_05".

      The "Default"   "br101.GEOPCDX"  file, as copied from the "Default" loco calls for these texture files.

      As some examples from the .GEOPCDX file:


                                                                      <e d:type="cDeltaString">..\..\default\engine\textures\[00]br101_glass_nm</e>

                                                                      <e d:type="cDeltaString">..\..\default\engine\textures\[00]br101_glass_nm</e>



                                                                      <e d:type="cDeltaString">..\..\default\engine\textures\[00]br101-04</e>



                                                                      <e d:type="cDeltaString">..\..\default\engine\textures\[00]br101-03</e>


                                                      <Name d:type="cDeltaString">br101_bogie</Name>

      Check that your "Kuju\RailSimulator\RailVehicles\Electric\BR101Default\Engine" folder  still has these six texture files and that they have not become corrupted. Check that the "Default" and "Silver" locos display correctly in the Simulator.

      I hope this helps ?


    2. springer6



      Also check that your "Default" Br101 is in the same directory ( same BR101 folder)  as this repaint.

      Let me know if you have fixed it .


      springer6  :)